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WELCOME to LoveBug*Designs! This is a place for members to request graphics that I offer up as freebies. In time, I may offer paid requests as well. I make icons, blinkies, banners and occasionally layouts as well.
For now, membership is moderated. That may change in the future.
This community is maintained by heartswhisper, the owner/maker. My name is Melanie and I'm 26 years old, living in Washington State, U.S.A.
I've been off and on Livejournal since 2003. I've taken a "hiatus" on more than one occasion, but I'm always drawn back to the world of graphics making. I look forward to improving my skills and hopefully learning some new techniques along the way :)
Thanks for stopping by!

☆ To become a part of LoveBug*Designs, comment on the Welcome entry, then request to join. Wait for me to accept your request.
☆ Always credit heartswhisper @ lovebugdesigns, no exceptions. No credit, no freebies.
☆ Actually use them please, otherwise what's the point in requesting?
☆ Be polite! Remember your manners.
☆ NO DRAMA. I've been through it, and I don't want to deal with it. If you bring drama into my community, you'll be removed and banned if need be.
☆ Do not claim my work as your own. Do not alter anything I make. If you're unhappy about something, message me.
☆ Pick up your requests within seven days. I think a week is plenty of time.
☆ Follow additional rules within each individual freebie offer.
☆ I recommend friending the community so you don't miss pickups; it's not required.
☆ Most important, ENJOY!

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My graphics, primarily blinkies, are often created using pixels from outside websites where I have active (or past) memberships. I follow the terms of use for those individual sites, and I expect those who request any of my work to also be respectful. I am a member (or past member) of the following pixel sites (click the banners to be linked).



(I still abide by the TOU/TOS, and I plan to re-subscribe to this site if/when she re-opens membership)

**If you'd like to become an affiliate, send me a private message at heartswhisper**